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Coming Soon: Zoozoo Mundo Animal!

We are pleased to announce the coming release of our newest books:   Zoozoo Mundo Animal , which is a Spanish edition series of our popular leveled informational texts,   Zoozoo Animal World ! These books will be available in mid-November, but are available for pre-order now!

Zoozoo Mundo Animal   consists of twenty Spanish titles featuring animals native to different regions of the world.   The series answers basic questions about animals in four different habitats: arctic, farm, forest, and rainforest. Repetitive sentence patterns and sight words are used throughout the books. Talking points and vocabulary are provided for each title to help extend the learning and encourage discussion.

Featuring the same information and the same stunning photography as the original series,   these books are a great addition to bilingual classrooms, for use in early Spanish instruction, or to familiarize young Spanish-speaking English language learners with the informational text format   so they will feel comfortable with the genre, even if they're not yet 100% comfortable with English.

Take spin through one of the books, Zorro Ártico (Arctic Fox), by clicking the flip book below!

Since the Spanish books are identical to the English ones, you can show your students both corresponding books at once,   to aid vocabulary acquisition and inspire comparison of sentence structure.  The animal photographs will captivate the attention of young readers, and the division of the series into habitat sets fits well into Spanish lessons on the environment as well as on animals. Below, you can see the available selection of titles and animals represented:

This is the third Spanish series that we offer, the first two being the Spanish version of   Zoozoo Into the Wild   (called   Zoozoo En la Selva ) and   Colección Joy Cowley , containing Spanish versions of Mrs. Wishy-Washy books, among others. To read more about those series, click the embedded links! To pre-order your copies of Zoozoo Mundo Animal,   click here   or on the book cover collage above. You can read about the original Zoozoo Animal World by downloading an information sheet with series highlights and key features; just click the image below!