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Dear Teachers: A Letter from Joy Cowley to You! (#1)

This is the first in a series of letters that Joy Cowley, author of the Mrs. Wishy-Washy books, wanted to write to show teachers some love and gratitude .   Pass them around to all the teachers you know who love Joy's work, and show them that Joy loves them back!

Dear Teachers,

You and I have much in common: we loving working with children and we want the best for them, to teach them skills that will empower them, give them respect for themselves and others, and make a difference to the future of the world. 

You may not know how far the ripples of your influence go, but be assured that the love and enthusiasm that is passed on to your students will stay with them all their lives. They will act and react from that every day.

I get letters from children about my stories. I know that my books are the silent partners in the child’s enjoyment. The pleasure and empowerment comes from the teacher who uses the books in the classroom. I also know that pleasurable learning leads to pleasurable recall, and years from now, your students will walk by a book store and get a warm, positive feeling that relates directly back to you.

Next to parents, a teacher is the most important person for a child. Sometimes, the teacher is also the parent. Much is demanded of you. Much is given. So I want to thank you for all that you do for little people. Systems of government come and go, celebrities fade; but the teacher lives on in the hearts of her or his students.

With love and gratitude,

Joy Cowley


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