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FREE Zoozoo Into the Wild Teacher's Guide!

Long-time fans of   Zoozoo Into the Wild   will be elated to learn about a   FREE Teacher’s Guide   for the series! The comprehensive guide offers various classroom activities for the nonfiction, fiction, wordless books, and poetry cards that are included in the   Zoozoo Into the Wild   series.  

The series features eight different animals: Elephant, Frog, Giraffe, Hippo, Lion, Orangutan, Tiger, and Zebra. Each animal has a   narrative ,   informational , and   wordless   book in which they are featured. By using these titles together, students can learn how to distinguish nonfiction from fictional texts, making them critical and active readers.

The  poetry cards  include illustrations and a famous poem about animals. For example, the hippo poetry card features “One Hippo, Two Hippo” by Daniel Williams. The  Teacher’s Guide  suggest the following ways to introduce poetry into your literacy classroom:

“Listen to the Poem:

  • Read the poem to the children without showing the illustrations.
  • Ask them to listen carefully and try to picture what the hippos are doing in the poem.
  • Read the poem twice. Then ask the children to retell the poem in their own words.
  • Display the poetry card to the group and read the poem again” (12)

Reading the poem aloud allows the children to really focus on the semantic meanings of the words and boosts their visualization skills. After listening, the children can “Hear the Poem”:

  • “Read the first two lines of the hippo pome. Ask the children to identify any words that rhyme.
  • Reread the first two lines, leaving out one of the rhyming words. Ask the children to fill in the blanks.
  • Repeat this with the last two lines of the poem.
  • Read the whole poem to the group, leaving out some of the rhyming words. Ask the children to fill in the blanks” (12)

For more tips on how to teach poetry and use   Zoozoo Into the Wild   with your students, look through the Flipbook and download the   Zoozoo Into the Wild Teacher’s Guide   for FREE!


View the FREE Teacher's Guide at   this link . To download information about Zoozoo Into the Wild,   click the image below.