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Guided Reading Expert Groups

This is a guest blog post by Marcy Godesa, a first-grade teacher from Oregon who blogs over at  Searching for Teacher Balance . If you like what you read here, check her blog out, and be sure to check back here for more of her guest blog posts!

One of my favorite ways to utilize guided reading groups and reading conferences is to create   expert groups . By allowing students to read about a topic that they are interested in, I have found that their want to read increases substantially. This year, I used Hameray Publishing’s  Fables and The Real World  set to build expertise with my students. 

The nonfiction books were perfect for my reading groups. Each group would read their text throughout the week. We studied main ideas and details, as well as retellings. The next week, I mixed up my reading groups and students taught each other about the topics they read about.  

I can't wait to get my hands on more of  Hameray's Real World books.   

Do you like to switch up your reading groups? How do you try to spark interest among your students?


Want to learn more about nonfiction books shown in this post? Click the image below to read about the  Fables and the Real World  series.