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Hameray Herald: April 2013 Literacy Issue

Story World Real World is a new series by Alan Trussell-Cullen for the K-2 classroom. It bridges traditional narrative texts to informational texts and is comprised of ten (10) traditional tales and thirty (30) informational texts. The series meets Common Core Standards for reading in both literature and informational texts. Learn More


The month-long Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway comes to an end today (4/30/13) and a winner will be announced tomorrow: May 1st. With over 1,200 entries and counting, selecting a winner will be difficult, but there's still time to get last minute entries in before 5pm PST.

Hameray's Classroom Literacy Blog adds a fun new feature that highlights educators who are making a difference. The Teacher Spotlight will recognize creative teachers (& parents) who are educating children in interesting and noteworthy ways. Know someone who should be highlighted? Email us at: info@hameraypublishing.com!



An Interview with Author Alan Trussell-Cullen

What inspires a child to grow up and become a writer? What influences can teachers, literatue, and school experiences have on a student's future career path? Alan Trussell-Cullen, teacher educator and author of our new Story World-Real World series, has some insights—both from the perspective of the child and of the teacher. Read More.


The 4 Things We Learned while Attending the International Reading Association Conference in San Antonio. Mrs Wishy-Washy Fans abound, design matters and meeting Common Core standards with a new series... Read More
The FREE OLDS Teacher's Guide is now available for download. This 30-page TE provides specific attention to administering an oral language assessment and more... Check out the detailed teacher's resource.


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