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Hameray Herald: October 2013 Issue

 There has never been a greater focus on using informational texts in the classroom than there is now with Common Core. In this past month, an incredible group of educators have authored an array of posts on Hameray's Literacy Blog with topics ranging from Using Wordless Informational Texts to Support Early Writing to Assessing Informational Text Reading Skills. We hope that you'll find these classroom-tested ideas useful, and encourage you to read all of our posts regarding using informational texts in the classroom by clicking here.
DEAR TEACHERS. Joy Cowley shares her appreciation for the role teachers play in the lives of children in a series of open letters.

LEVELED READERS. Adding to your leveled classroom libraries has never been easier. Check out Hameray's range of leveled books for readers from K-8.

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CALL FOR BLOGGERS. If you like what you are seeing on our blog and want to submit an idea that can be shared with your fellow educators, we encourage you to contact us! We love sharing classroom-tested ideas that benefit the teaching community. You can email us at info@HamerayPublishing.com!