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If you're a teacher or parent, you already know that there's nothing kids love more than animals! At Hameray, we love animals too and feature them in our books as a method to not only teach children about how different species live and play, but also as a path to the exploration of the entire world.

In this spirit, we have created the "Critter Corner," where we will highlight animals and stories that feature animals. Which animals is your class studying? How do animals make learning fun at your school? Please feel free to tell us your classroom's favorite animals and we might just feature them at the "Critter Corner!"

Today's animal is the  Arctic Fox .  This amazing little creature sports a thick, pure-white or gray coat that not only keeps it warm, but also acts as camouflage in its snowy environment. The Arctic Fox's thick, bushy tail is not only used for balance, but also as a built-in blanket when the weather is especially chilly.  Primarily a carnivore (although they do enjoy vegetables from time to time), the Arctic Fox hunts rodents, fish, and will sometimes even follow around  Polar Bears  to snack on their leftovers!

For more fun facts about the Arctic Fox, please check out "Arctic Fox," by Lee Waters, from the  Zoo Zoo Animal World Collection   here:   Arctic Fox

Here's a fun video from the BBC that shows how baby Arctic Foxes learn by playing!


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