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Have You Heard About the Mini-Contests?

By now, you've probably heard about our 2015 Joy Cowley Giveaway (if you haven't, you can click here to enter!), but did you know that there are also teacher bloggers running mini-contests? We got in touch with our network of bloggers to give them a chance to review some of our books and to hold their own mini-contests, raffling off a copy of Joy Cowley's Do-Whacky-Do Big Book!

One of the bloggers, our guest blogger Paula Dugger, has posted her information here

Another one of our guest bloggers, Lyssa Sahadevan, has her post up on her blog My Mommy Reads (which is a great blog to follow, if you don't already). You can see her post by clicking her screenshot to the left below! And then we also have a post from Amanda Ross at First Grade Garden, another one of our fabulous (newest) guest bloggers! Click the screenshot to the right to check her blog out and enter her contest!