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Informational Texts and the Water Cycle—with FREE download!

This is a guest post by Susan Paul, who will be contributing a series of posts over the next few months. If you like what you see here, check back frequently for more posts from here and  click here to read her blog, The Fun Factory Click here to see her other posts on our blog!

Part of our Spring Unit involves studying the water cycle.   We read books, sing songs, act out the cycle, and do finger plays. A great book to read is   The Water Cycle    by Alan Trussell-Cullen. This book is part of   Real World series  and has great illustrations, photos, and information. My young learners love this book even though they are non-readers! The book has a great  t able of contents. I used it as a teaching tool to teach the kids what a table of contents is and what its purpose serves.


This book could be used to teach multiple skills for older children.   Not only is it good for information and research, vocabulary is bolded and defined in a glossary! To top all of that, there is an index too. These features are very important for the Common Core. If I ever teach second grade again, this book will be one of the first to go into my library!


Today's freebie can be used with Pre-K through second grade. Younger children sequence the water cycle by the picture cards. This is a great listening comprehension assessment. Older children can use the cards and then fill out the response sheet. This is a great reading comprehension assessment!




Susan Paul is an Early Childhood Specialist from Houston, Texas. Susan has taught more years than she is willing to admit, all in prekindergarten through second grade. Her passion is in pre-K but she has the most years in second grade. Susan loves dressing up as different book characters and has written a book. The book is a collection of songs she has written over the last twenty-five years to help teach skills and transitions. Visit Susan at  her Facebook page blog and  on Teachers Pay Teachers  for more great teaching ideas .


For more information about the  Real World series shown in this post, click here to visit our website , or click the image on the left below to download a series information sheet with key features. To download the lesson plan and worksheet, click the image to the right.