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Joy Cowley Shined at the 2015 RRCNA Conference!

Something to Celebrate

Last week, Columbus, Ohio was home to the National Reading Recovery & K–6 Literacy Conference, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Reading Recovery Council of North America. We are happy to support this organization that helps to build a strong foundation for struggling readers. 

Among the many great educators, speakers, and authors at the conference was our very own Joy Cowley. Joy was a keynote speaker, but she took time out of her busy schedule to meet and greet fans and sign their complimentary copy of her newest book,  What Is a Book? , which all conference attendees received.

"Pleasurable learning leads to pleasurable recall."

While giving her presentation, Joy stressed the importance of providing students with good reading materials and of learning through pleasure. She explained, "Once a child has engaged in a book—once he has an image of himself as a successful reader—his confidence and natural curiosity will make him open to learning the language skills inherent in the book."

Joy also read aloud five of her more recent publications that follow her principle of promoting "learning with laughter":  Wishy-Washy Letter ,   Wishy-Washy Corn ,   Toby Bear ,   Hubba Dubba , and   A Book for Pet Parrots .



We also can't forget to mention the pleasure we had meeting our   Dine With Joy   winner, Daphne Driskell! Here are Joy and Daphne at the restaurant:


Share the Joy!

We want to say thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to meet Joy. And to those of you who took a picture with Joy or with our Mrs. Wishy-Washy cardboard cut-out, we would like to invite you to send those images in to us to be entered into a drawing! Winners will receive their very own copy of Joy's   A Writer's Life ,   which chronicles the life of Joy Cowley in her own words. To participate, please email your photo and mailing address to   wishywashy@hameraypublishing.com .