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Mrs. Wishy-Washy and the Importance of Dramatic Play
This is a guest post by Kathy Crane, one of our occasional guest bloggers. If you like what you see here, check back frequently for more posts from her and click here to read her blog.

Times have changed since I first used Mrs. Wishy-Washy in my kindergarten classroom in 1991. The demands of the kindergarten teacher have moved into the world of academia, and kindergarten has become the new first grade.

With this great push of academics, there has been a tendency for early childhood educators to deliver academic content using teaching methods that are only appropriate for older learners and ignoring proven early childhood practices.

One such practice is that of dramatic play. I am saddened at the lack of dramatic play opportunities that are being provided young learners. When I asked a teacher why she didn't include it, she said, "With curriculum demands I simply don't have time for it." While I can see her concern, I maintain that I don't have time to leave out dramatic play!

Play has so many benefits for young children and it is becoming the lost art of childhood. I can't imagine my program without it! So, flash forward 24 years! I am still using Mrs. Wishy-Washy in the classroom. Perhaps with more sophisticated knowledge and strategic purpose, but kids love it just the same!

You will find that bringing dramatic play into your classroom will build students' comprehension and fluency skills, deepen understanding of story elements, and provide Just Plain Fun. Acting out quality big books such as those written by Joy Cowley are timeless!



Kathy Crane holds a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Reading, is a published author of thirteen books, a freelance author and developer of teaching curriculum, has been a teacher of kindergarten for twenty-two years, and publishes the blog Kindergarten Kiosk

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