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Reading About Weather

Spring has sprung! Because spring is a transitional season, the weather outside often changes drastically from day-to-day—even if it’s sunny and pleasant today, it could be windy and raining tomorrow. Unpredictable weather fluctuations might be frustrating for your students, who are ready to play outside on the playground. On the other hand, though, since it’s possible to experience a vast range of weather during a short amount of time,   the spring is the best time of the year to teach lessons about the weather.

Hameray offers a multitude of books, both narrative and informational, that discuss the weather and the changing seasons. On a   rainy spring day,   keep students engaged by reading narratives about puddles and umbrellas from the   Kaleidoscope Collection :

  • In   Puddles ,   a young boy frolics outside in the rain by jumping into puddles—he even sees a rainbow!
  • Whose Umbrella?   traces a rabbit’s quest to find the owner of a lost umbrella.



On a   sunny day , teach your students about the importance of sunlight with these titles from   Fables Real World :

  • The Sun   describes how the sun is so hot that “nothing can even get close to it without melting”!
  • Sun and Wind Energy   discusses how the weather can be used for sustainable energy and for generating electricity.



On   windy days , mix up the genres with one informational and one narrative book:

  • Wind ,   from   Fables Real World , discusses the different words that we use to describe wind (breezes, gusts, gales, hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards). Students will be enthralled by the power of wind!
  • Hurricane Dog ,   from   Kaleidoscope Collection , follows a dog that looks for a new home after a disastrous hurricane hits his town.


Selecting reading materials based on that day’s weather keeps your lessons relevant and engaging. Happy spring!


For more information about the  Kaleidoscope Collection  and  Fables and the Real World , click the images below.