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Teacher Bloggers Weigh In on Joy Cowley's Newer Characters, Pt. 2!

As part of our celebration of Joy Cowley during this year's incarnation of our yearly Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway ( click here to enter BEFORE APRIL 14th, if you haven't already! ), this year we had a group of teacher bloggers weigh in on some of Joy's lesser-known characters. We wanted to know, from an educator's perspective, what there was to say about these characters and the books that they are featured in. Our first batch of blogger posts came out on March 23 and   you can see those here . Today we have an all-new batch of posts from different bloggers, giving more perspectives—some on the same characters, and some on different ones! If you want to know more, read on for a listing of where you can see these character reviews and some ideas for using these books in your classroom!

Barbie the Lamb and Mr. Whisper

Mrs. Price's Kindergators

Learning Is For Superstars: Post 1   and   Post 2

Learn more about  Barbie the Lamb  and  Mr. Whisper !

Huggles and the Gruesomes

Primary Teaching Resources

Third Grade Bookworms

Kreative in Kinder

Learn more about  Huggles  and   The Gruesomes !


Hairy Bear and Miniboy

Filling the Frame with Learning

Learn more about   Hairy Bear   and   Miniboy !


Smarty Pants and Mr. Tang

Tales of a First-Grade Teacher

Beach, Sand, and Lesson Plans

Learn more about   Smarty Pants   and   Mr. Tang !

We also created a brand new set of packages featuring only these newer characters, in case you had all the old favorites and wanted to bolster your collection with these fun newer guys! You can find the   new character set here , and the   guided reading version with six-packs of each book here !

I'd like to give a special thanks to all of the teachers who participated in this year's giveaway and character review! We love having the perspectives of educators and being able to share them with the wider educational and literacy communities!

If you are a teacher with a blog and would like to be considered as a contributor, either to our weekly blog postings or to be involved in our next contest, email   tara@hameraypublishing.com  and let us know how you'd like to participate.

— Tara