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Seasons with Guided Reading Groups—includes FREE Download!

This is a guest blog post by Laureen, a Canadian first grade teacher of 25 years who writes at the blog  Teach with Laughter . This post includes a free download!

The  Kaleidoscope Collection makes guided reading planning so easy for teachers! The books range in guided reading levels from A to K, include both fiction and nonfiction, cover a range of topics, and are highly engaging. Each book clearly indicates the reading level so teachers don’t need to make any guesses.

With the arrival of fall, I was struggling to get my students to dress properly for the weather. Then, I stumbled upon two books from the Kaleidoscope Collection , both at level D, that focus on the seasons and weather. I used the books   Four Seasons    and   Recess Time    to make guided reading relevant to my students. In addition, they match my grade one outcomes perfectly!



After I finish with a guided reading group, I like to give them a follow-up activity that keeps them engaged with the information and text. This is essential for their own learning and allows me time to work with another group. For this follow-up, I have students work on a flap book that I preassemble for them.



This flap book is available for you as a free download! Although you can use this printable in a variety of ways, I ask students to draw pictures of themselves wearing clothing appropriate for each season. I have also included two different printing lines for you to easily differentiate for your group.

As you can see from the pictures below, the combination of photos and illustrations lend themselves to discussion about the seasons.


To get today's free activity download, click the right image below!